Tuesday, October 11, 2005

MSDN event in Salt Lake sold out
I was planning on attending the MSDN event in Salt lake today, we got there 5 minutes late, only to find out that the event had "sold out", the guy that was there explained that normally they get about 60% of people who register, to show up, but this time there was even people standing in the room
as we were waiting there just for a few minutes, people kept coming for the event, seems like .NET 2.0 will be more successful than a lot of people would like it to be. They gave us the DVDs containing the whole .NET 2.0 stuff (Visual Studio beta 2, SQL Server 2005, etc), we left our tickets there and they said we would have a priority seat for the next event in December, well see...
this much attendance reminds me of this... except, the exact opposite way, this single event, in a small city probably got more attendants than the 24 hrs of Delphi (at peak time) in the whole world =o(

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