Thursday, July 14, 2005

The 24 hours of Delphi

yesterday we had 24 hours radio live broadcast with interviews to BIG Delphi guys, anything from Marco Cantu to Danny Thorpe, it was pretty cool that they put all those guys together and the whole event was a good idea.
here's the announcement:,1410,33109,00.html

and you can find the recordings for the whole thing here:

the only thing that stroked me was that I checked how many users were on, and I saw up to 176, later some guys reported that they had about 300 listeners at peak times, and average of 150 at a time

300... that's kinda of (really) low for a worldwide event, isn't? or is it just me thinking this?

That's pretty sad for us, who have been Delphi developers for years and truly love Delphi, but this is reality, Borland is paying for the huge mistakes they did with Delphi 8 and Delphi 2005, and we will pay that price too. How many of you Delphi developers have moved to C# with Visual Studio? way too many I know.
Borland guys have to understand that Delphi.NET is not the #1 IDE for RAD and do something about it, they have lost a LOT of ground against MS products and even other vendors but WE are hoping that they are able to make it, unfortunately most of the developers work for companies, and companies don't like risks, and some companies bought Delphi 8, but did not buy Delphi 2005 because they got Visual Studio 2003 after the whole Delphi 8 mess, and will get VS 2005 instead of the next *killer* version of Delphi
and for many of us developers, the copy (of Delphi) that the company buys us is the only opportunity we have to get Delphi, so unless Borland comes up with a really really good product (way better than Visual Studio 2005 and before than VS 2005) and cheaper, I don't see how they would be able to come back with Delphi, I'm sure they'll still have a business with all the other products that they have, but I don't know about Delphi.

...and I really wish that time will prove me wrong on this one

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