Friday, October 21, 2005

new search engine: exalead

check out this new search engine, it is REALLY nice, introduces many new concepts to the search arena, it shows that even though searching is simple, you can really make it richer in content and options without making it bloated, some of the features are (when you hit search):

- on the left side it has lists of: Related terms, related categories, web site location, document type
- on the middle section the results, with some links that redefine your search, also on this middle section, you can click on the result (but not on the link) and it presents a preview of the site a la Microsoft Outlook
- on the right side you see a thumbnail of the web page of each result

very nice concepts, the search engine may not be as powerful as google or msn search, but will definitely get attention and I'm almost sure that google and Microsoft will soon change their pages to have something like this

do we need yet another search engine? you bet! go try out your self

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