Tuesday, July 24, 2007


wow, it has been over a month since my last post; at work we went live with our first customer and it got intense, we had some critical things that needed to be fixed for the particular environment, and we did it quickly and successfully, I am part of a great team and we're pulling it out together.
UAT anyone?... better not talk about it, it's almost back to normal now, we are finding new features that need to be developed, but things should slow down and this blog will continue it's "regular" operation, at the personal level I've had some rough situations lately as well, but is also pretty much over; I've been so busy that I even missed my 11th birthday at the company I currently work for.

So meanwhile I still need to catch up with my blog reading, you can see some of the stuff I have been reading as I catch up.

I did not get an iPhone, nor am I planning on getting one anytime soon, but I do hope to get a Mac when they release Leopard in October, I do have a feeling that we will start seeing a lot of vulnerabilities in the Mac OS soon though (just remember you read the prediction here J)... just like Firefox is getting hammered right now (you should actually go read this now, it's pretty bad)

'til next time

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