Sunday, April 29, 2007


my main reason to downgrade my laptop OS is because my Cingular 8125 won't work as a modem in Vista, and I really can't live without that now, which is the same reason (or so the rumors say) I won't be getting an iPhone when it comes out, being able to use my cell phone as a modem and have internet "anywhere on the road" (at least in USA) has been really great, I can't go back to not have that

other reasons are the many problems with VS2005 and Orcas on Vista, I really want to play with F# and don't want to deal with a beta product in a buggy IDE, yesterday Justin and I were playing with F#, expect posts on the subject soon

downgrading has been painful because XP didn't recognize a lot of the hardware, whereas in Vista everything just worked, for now I'm still keeping Vista on my PC though... XP feels old, but it works

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