Thursday, March 01, 2007

dude!, I'm not getting a dell, I'm getting a Mac

and one of the main reasons why is parallels. We have seen virtual machines in all the operating systems for quite a while now, where the guest operating system sits there in it's own window.

Parallels takes this to a whole new level, it allows you to integrate the Mac and the guest OS into the same workspace! such that you can switch applications from a Mac app to a Windows app all in the same workspace (desktop), that's amazing!

take a look at the picture to see more detail, both Mac apps and Windows apps "blend" seamlessly although the apps still live in a different OS,
The apps running in windows show up in the Mac "toolbar".
It even allows you to copy and paste between the two (and according to Justin you can also drag and drop)

that's good software.

dude!, I'm getting a Mac... just wait 'til Leopard comes out =o)

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