Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Time to update your browsers!!!
Microsoft just announced the official availability of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 open to the Public

I just downloaded it, and so far is looking great!, a bunch of new really cool features, the ones I liked more are
- Advanced Printing
- Instant RSS
- the little preview button for the tabs, you have two options, a little menu from where you can select which page (tab) to go to, or a preview of all the pages loaded in the tabs, and you are able to close them or go to one of them, really cool
- the new menu options available on the tool bar area

and of course you have
- the tabbed browsing (better than firefox)
- Toolbar search box
- a bunch of security features
- pop up blocker
- etc, etc, etc

you definetely have to download it and give a try, I think you'll like it

click here to go to the IE7 download

now if they only added incremental search it would be perfect!

but that's not it, FireFox came up with an update too!
in their case, seems they have been listening to the complains about the memory leak problems

in FireFox you have to go to the Help and click Check for updates, so far is looking good, it takes a lot less memory after getting the update

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