Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dreaming about the future of Delphi

what would happen if one of these would buy the Borland tools

Google: Google has never promoted a language like Delphi, they are more on the python or perl kind of language, but certainly if Google bought Delphi the expectations would be very high, what would Delphi bring to google? well, since it seems the rumor is official about google creating their own version of Linux, Google/Delphi could bring RAD to Linux!
it wouldn't necesarily be the Delphi language that they would promote, they could use the IDE to promote C++ or C# to get a bigger market

Microsoft: Very unlikely, at this point Delphi wouldn't bring anything to the table for MS, but maybe they would be interested in buying JBuilder, to, even though they already have J#

RemObjects: first of all I don't even know if these guys have enough cash to buy Delphi, but in case they did, what would Delphi bring for them? probably the name and the actual IDE, they pretty much already made their minds with the Pascal Language (Chrome) and they have been focusing more on the language than on creating IDE kinda tools
update: Mark Hoffman from RemObjects, has already expressed his position
basically RO won't be buying Delphi, but they will support it wherever Delphi goes

IBM: I don't have much to say about them, other than another probably good potential buyer

The Delphi community (and C++ and C#, in both Windows and Linux for this matter!): At this point I even doubt there are enough Delphi programmers left to be able to buy Delphi, it would be nice if this happened, but at the same time it would be hard, for a long time lately there has been a lot of discussion about if Delphi should have such or such feature, having it open to the community would certainly create a lot of heat, what's in it for us, or for other non-Delphi guys? the big one here would be Kylix!, so we should probably focus on that, and focus on C++ and C# development all in the same IDE, so we can get other people involved, since the Delphi community alone probably wouldn't be enough

you can sign the petition to save the Borland Programming Tools here


David I said...

We are looking for an investor to create a new company. We are not looking to be bought by a software company.

BlackTigerX said...

if Borland hasn't cared (in the last years) for Delphi, when Delphi *was* their product, why would they care now that they are selling it?

according to Nick Borland just wants to get the most money out of whatever generates revenew, after all, this is just a business, which I'm not saying is wrong from the bussiness perspective, but I'm saying that Borland is going to go with whoever they get the best deal

on top of that, I (and a bunch of people) think that Delphi needs a big name to back it up, I don't think creating a new company would be successful, because people wouldn't believe in it, heck I'm even skeptical that investors would put their money in Delphi to create a new company (from this I'll be proved right or wrong very soon)

it would be amazing that a company starting from scratch could pull this off, I would like that to happen, but I am realistic and I just don't see it

all in all, I think getting Delphi out of Borland will be a good thing, Borland was just killing Delphi