Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Delphi contrasts
Today I received my Experts Exchange award T-Shirt for being in the top 15 experts on the Delphi area!!, that's really cool

at the same time, today Borland finally made it official
Delphi is for sale

basically accepting what they never have accepted, that Delphi is dying, that Borland doesn't care about Delphi anymore

I can understand all these guys are just doing their job

they just keep saying that this is good news, that this is good for Delphi, but the reality is that this is called uncertainty, how can we say that this is good when we don't even know who's buying Delphi or what's going to happen to it

it was coming... all the excuses about the trial or personal versions of Delphi, Borland forgetting about Kylix, Danny leaving Borland, the versions of Delphi that went unfixed, etc, etc, there was no interest from Borland, and people had to move on

I guess that's the bright side, on the last years Borland did nothing but just screw Delphi

trust has been lost, many companies have already moved away from Delphi and they are not coming back, it will be a hell of a job for anyone who buys Delphi to bring it back up to what it was, simply the best in it's class, no one else coming even close

one excuse was that there is no tool like Delphi to do Win32, and that is true, but Win32 only has a few years left to live, excuse is that Delphi/Kylix is an alternative in Linux, truth is that Borland abandoned Kylix a long time ago, excuse is that only Delphi allows you do to Win32, .NET and Linux in one IDE, but that was just the idea, in the practice they didn't come even close to such thing, excuses, excuses... at last they quit killing Delphi, at last they're letting it free, we can just hope that whoever comes in will do a hell of a job, the future looks dark for Delphi

I have been doing Delphi since it wasn't even Delphi, and I'm sad and dissapointed, this is the end of an era, Delphi has died today... let's see what it will re-encarnate into

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