Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cheap tricks to get a more popular blog

There are a few tricks that I have seen used more and more lately to try to get more attention to blogs

1) use adult content related words to refer to some technical topic (but not necessarily), some recent examples of such use recently:
  1. Computer Hardware Pornography
  2. ...What you're not getting about Ruby and why it's the tits
  3. "As a gay man and a gay journalist"
  4. "..Cierra la puta boca, gilipollas, Siesta, Fiesta, Cerveza, Real Madrid, Raúl, Hijo de Puta y Mierda."
you are likely to get some "google love" for sure with those keywords

2) get in a debate with some "big guy", this technique is getting used more and more lately, we have
Jeff Atwood vs Petzold's
Ayende vs Ted Neward's
Ayende vs Sam
Rob Conery vs Ayende
Nick vs Sam
heck, Ayende vs the rest of the world, J

etc, all you have to do is talk trash about something a guy posted on his blog, or about some of the work (usually open source) the guy works on, if your blog is not very popular, make sure to leave a comment on the other blog so the guy notices you

3) ask for link love, this specific case actually has a merit, this should be listed under "how to get a popular blog in 10 days", but the idea is the same

sigh... boring stuff, but I guess it works if all you want is to get more people to your blog (inflate your numbers), even if what they find is not exactly what they were looking for (first case)


Maligno said...


te garantizo que no es el objetivo en mi caso!. De hecho los títulos de mis posts son anti-pagerank porque nunca dicen nada y no piensan en las cadenas de búsqueda. Y creo que con palabras como Real Madrid, Raúl, Mierda o Hijo de Puta no creo que mi blog sea relevante.

No obstante, queda ahí tu opinión. Como mis estadísticas están abiertas (en bravenews) puedes ver que palabras usa la gente para llegar a mi blog y verás como esas no aparecen. La cadena por la que sorprendentemente más llegan a mi blog es "Cartas de amor" por un desafortunado post sobre unas cartitas que publiqué.


BlackTigerX said...

es solo un ejemplo, y fue lo unico que encontre en español, en tu caso no lo pusiste como titulo del blog, solo era un comentario enmedio, pero busque ejemplos en español y fue lo mas cercano que encontre a lo que buscaba para el tema de este post


Sam Gentile said...

I did NOT do it as a cheap trick to get more readers. As I have said over and over, there were inaccuracies posted and I felt I needed to address them.

BlackTigerX said...

hehe, you didn't start the fight either, you are the "big guy"

Rob Conery said...

LOL Or you could write a silly post about attention-getting tricks :).

This is a bit offensive and reduces the things I wrote to PR tricks. I take a lot of my time with my blog, and I give a lot to this community. I think you can write something better than this - you're brighter than that. This kind of crap smacks of a personality issue...