Sunday, April 15, 2007

everything you blog can and will be used against you

At some point or another almost every blogger writes a controversial article, some bloggers do it so frequently that it doesn't generate that much press now.

Some will try to dictate rules for the blogosphere, that kinda defeats the purpose of the blog, I think that's just people trying to create the next buzzword or leave their legacy which translates into popularity and everything that comes with that, if you are a "z list" blogger like me, it probably won't make a difference if you post something that is incorrect.

**see notes at the end
Today I see this post from Sam Gentile: "Wanted: A Windows Edition for Non-Idiots"; my whole issue with that is calling regular users idiots; if I use the keyboard and command line a lot does that make me an advanced user and makes you an idiot because you don't?

Be careful when blogging, regardless of your blog popularity, you never know when it can be used against you (in a job* interview for example), I'm not going to recommend a code of conduct, all I'm saying is use common sense, respect your readers and respect everyone in general

* fixed: thanks Sam
** Sam updated his blog and changed the "non-idiots" part to "Power and Pro Users.", kudos to him for doing that. I've wanted to blog about this a long time ago, my whole point is just watch what you write on your blog (book, speech, etc), it may come back and hunt you later


Sam Gentile said...

So you think Windows is OK the way it is then? Does it not get in you way? Why does everything have to be so PC all the time?

Sam Gentile said...

And what exactly is a "Blog Interview?" It's just a Rant on a blog not the end of the world.

BlackTigerX said...

no, I don't think everything is OK in Windows, I agree with most of what you and Scott say, there are a lot of things that can be improved, but that's not what I'm talking about in this post.

BlackTigerX said...

I didn't mean to pick on you, I had this blog cooking since Joel posted about wasabi, Coding Horror posted about something I can't remember that cause some controversy, and a lot of other people were just going crazy on the blogosphere

all I'm saying is what what you say on your blog, you never know when it can be used "against you"

Sam Gentile said...

Maybe but would I ever want to work for a company that held one "rant" aggainst me in an interview? Never.

I am never afraid to say exactly what I think in my blog. I don't do PC. If Microsoft gets upset, then so be it. Even MVPs have to help push issues like this. At least that's the way I think ;)

Liss said...


And I write everything about my life in there, I'll take care of that.

Thanks for stopping by ;)

BlackTigerX said...

in that case, if you are talking bad about a company that you don't like and you wouldn't apply for, that's fine, but other company that you do like and may apply for may not like that type of attitude

all I'm saying is that it may affect you, of course it is still your choice to say/write whatever you want

Anonymous said...

You could always stop reading if it bothers you

BlackTigerX said...

you took it too personal, this wasn't about you or your blog, this is just advice for other bloggers, and I'm glad to took the advice too, even if it wasn't because of my blog post