Wednesday, March 07, 2007

let's all just develop ASP.NET in notepad / is not about the tools

Jeremy Miller started a conversation on .NET testability (or the lack there of), Ayende agrees with him

I can definitely see this, I have suffered from this... but!

I don't think the problem is with the tools, in any case the problem would be of the TDD community, Ruby on Rails is open source, why can't we create on steroids?
seems like we know exactly what we want, the concept is there, the code is there, just needs to be implemented in .NET

there was a provocative comment to Jeremy's post:
"What if I want RAD and I don't want tests?"
there are some strong arguments against this, but the truth is for most developers that's all they want

everyone can say X sucks, Y in this other language is much better, why can't we say let's create Y for

would people really use it? or is this just a TDD religion thing? (I'm gonna get in trouble for this)

I'll tell you what, that's exactly the reason why Microsoft didn't put something like that in ASP.NET, TDD advocates are not the broad audience, the majority of the "developers" don't really know or care about TDD or refactoring or patterns and practices, they just "want stuff to work", and yes, the rest of us have to pay the price, but nobody is forcing you to use RAD if it doesn't work, you have to use the right tool.

I can agree with this:
I really think the .Net community needs to reexamine and debate the merits and appropriateness of the Visual RAD approach.
the key here is the .NET community, people keep asking Microsoft to solve all these problems, are these problems really the developer's problem? or is it just TDD community problem? how big is that community?, where is the community? why can't that community do it? let's stop blaming it on something else

is kinda late, I was just kidding with Notepad and I've just hit another trip around the sun...

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