Monday, June 26, 2006

share keyboard and mouse accross computers (software driven)

This little tool allows you to share your keyboard and mouse accross multiple computers, even with different Operating Systems loaded, that's pretty dang cool

the only thing is that the configuration part of it is really buggy and makes the program die after it gives you the error message, basically you have to use the default options or it will crash

but after you get it working it does just what is supposed to without getting in the way, you don't have to switch from your laptop to your regular pc keyboard and back...

basically what you have to do is
- install the server in the machine where the keyboard and mouse is hooked phisically and
- install the client on the machines where you want to use the same keyboard
- then you start the app on the server,
- chose the "share this computer's keyboard and mouse",
- click the configure button,
- add the "screens" (machines), in that screen you can specify if there are some corners where you don't want the mouse to go over to the other machine, just make sure you specify a size greater than zero, or it won't work
-once you add your screens (normally 2), you go to the links

where you specify something like:
0 to 100% of the "right" of "main pc" goes to 0 to 100% of "secondary"

basically saying the right part of the monitor on "main pc" goes to the other pc; you have to specify the other way too

0 to 100% of the "left" of "secondary" goes to 0 to 100% of "main pc"

click start (in both computers) and you're good to go, if you need to change the config, close the program (in both sides) open it again, and go in the configuration button (in the server only)

I'm loving it =oP

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