Monday, April 24, 2006

manage your SQL connections in one place

where I work at I use about 10 different SQL servers, is hard to keep up with the server names, catalogs, user names and passwords required for each one

wouldn't be nice if I had a central place to access all of them without having to remember all the names/catalogs/user names/passwords, but most importantly, without having to type the same stuff over and over to open my connections in Query Analizer?

even if you use SSPI to access your servers, you'd still have to type the server name and select the database you want to access

that's why I wrote this little utility program, you enter your SQL servers along with the user names, passwords and databases that you want to access and it sits quietly on your tray, where you can access them quickly

you can configure it to open the connections on an existing Query Analizer window, or to open a new one each time you open a connection

when configuring a new connection you can configure which file you want to load, e.g. if you regularly run some queries against certain database, this option would help you

now, if you're worried about security, I added a password to keep all this information encrypted using industry standards

this is a freeware application, it gets the job done for me, suggestions are welcome but I don't guarantee anything

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