Thursday, August 04, 2005

copy VPN profiles to another computer

yesterday I wanted to copy the VPN profile to my new computer (I use Cisco Systems VPN Client), because I had saved the group password and didn't remember what it was and didn't want to bother the company network guy late at night, so I started lookin in the registry for the domain, nothing, so I searched for Cisco, nothing... I thought I could somehow export that part of the registry to the new computer with VPN installed but could not find anything that looked like my connection

so I opened a browser to
C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client
then saw a profiles folder there, opened and there it was, myconnection.pcf, the name of the connection I used in my laptop to connect to my company, I didn't think it was that simple but decided to give it a try anyway, I copied it to my new computer under the same location, started VPN, and the connection showed up there, double clicked it and I was connected!

while that can be a *good thing* is definetely a security issue, pretty much any program that can read files on your machine could steal this file and get access to whatever access you have at your company, pretty scary...

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