Monday, January 19, 2009

Multiple profiles per user in twitter

Don't get too excited, that's just my proposal for twitter;

I would like to see something like

I think there are many benefits to this

  1. There are some of us using multiple accounts, one for each language.
  2. Some people even use different social networks similar to twitter, one for each aspect.
  3. When I subscribe to someone I only care about X (technical, personal), not Y.
  4. Noise reduction, big one.
  5. Would enable twitter searches on specific "tags" to find more relevant content.
Each profile could be protected to only allow the people you want, they could even be invisible so only the people you want even know about it.

People could subscribe to all public profiles if they wanted to.

The twittering tools would have to change a bit, just to specify which "tag" or specific profiles to tweet to.

I think it would reduce the noise considerably since the same account now allows you to deliver content in different branches.

I'm getting more and more ideas, the more I think about it, the more I like it.

oh, and yes, that's my twitter profile...(sigh, in English for technical content)


Aaron Stanley King said...

Pretty cool idea. I can't wait until Twitter is extended like that.

dt said...

I use cookiepie firefox extension for that purpose.

BlackTigerX said...

twitter kinda really sucks from the browser though