Thursday, September 06, 2007

google (reader) search, finally

woohoo! you can finally search on your google feeds, plus 2 little features

  • you can see 1000 items (instead of 100)
  • you can hide the sidebar using the mouse
You can search all your feeds, the feeds from a folder or the posts from a single feed. In fact, you can perform two searches: one for a folder or feed and another search for the posts that contain some keywords and are from the folder or feed you've previously selected. The results are sorted by date and it takes a couple of seconds for them to show up.

This might not be available to all users right now, mine got updated on the fly (without the page being down or having to reset/reload at all), I saw the new features announced but mine was still on the old version, then started working on some code and went back to check my feeds and I had the new version

so when are you going to let me highlight stuff?
that would be a killer feature

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