Saturday, August 05, 2006

Improve your tabbed browser experience

These extensions greatly improve the tabs behavior in Firefox/Flock

Ctrl Tab Preview
This is an extension that replaces the behavior of Ctrl+Tab. Instead of directly changing tab it works some thing like Alt+Tab on windows. It views preview of the tab and you can change directly to the tab you want to or just go through all tabs to see what you got in them. A pictures tells more then thousands words so look at the pictures or try it.

SessionSaver restores your browser -exactly- as you left it, every startup, every time. Not even a crash will phase it. Windows, tabs, even things you were typing -- they're all saved. Use the menu to add + remove sessions; right, shift, or middle-clicking will delete. "Simple mode" for peace of mind, or "Expert mode" for advanced flexibility. Just Click. Install. Rad.

Perma Tabs
Adds the ability to turn tabs of your choice into permanent tabs ("permaTabs") that can't be closed, and stick around between sessions.

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