Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ruby for Visual Studio 2005

Found this today at TSS.net, Ruby in Visual Studio, for those of you interested in alternative languages
Ruby in Steel for Visual Studio 2005Posted by: Regina Lynch on July 25, 2006SapphireSteel Software will be releasing Ruby in Steel, a Ruby add-in allowing developers to take advantage of the Visual Studio IDE. The product will include debugging, Intellisense, code completion, code snippets and support for Rails.With the 1.0 release, both a free personal version and a developer version will be available. The developer version will include more advanced functionality, such as a fast debugger. SapphireSteel is planning to release several beta versions prior to release in order to implement further VS features and fix reported bugs.Ruby in Steel version 0.7 is currently available for download. It includes a Rails New Project Wizard, import capabilities, integrated SQL Server development, automated database setup and syntax error checking.

Ruby in Steel for Visual Studio 2005

check it out

Ruby In Steel

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