Friday, March 03, 2006

on quick little tricks, how do I verify that all the lines of a file have the same length?

open the file in your favorite text editor (on second thought, use Notepad, Notepad2, WordPad or something like that, certain fonts, margins and other beautifiers might screw up the results), make sure Word Wrap is OFF, select all the text, then scroll to the far right side and you should see a perfect line as long as you are using a fixed-width font (a font that displays all characters with the same width)

update: to include the name of such fonts, thanks Mason


Mason Graham said...

Such fonts are called fixed-width fonts.

BlackTigerX said...

thanks, looking up in google I learned that they are also called "monospaced"

Bombon said...

Niño me vas a enseñar a programar???

BlackTigerX said...

jaja, si quieres... si no mejor visita mi otro blog:

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