Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ACME license maker
I always wondered how my nick names would look on a license plate, at this site you can create your own license plate on line for the state you live in (US and Canada) or any other state, the site has a preview image that you can save and put anywhere you want, i.e. your web site
the only thing the site doesn't do is to actually let you get the license plate, just the image =oP
but in case you wanted to get your own license plate, at least you would know exactly how it would look =o)


Mar said...

Estooooooo...que no sé demasiado inglés.
De todos modos, gracias por visitarme, espero volver a verte por allí!!

ANiS said...

Porque en Inglessss??? jajajajaja
SALUDOS, otro dia paso a leer =)

BlackTigerX said...

sorry, este es mi blog tecnico, mi blog en espaniol esta aca: http://spaces.msn.com/members/ebersys/

lo que pasa que para poner comentarios tengo que poner mi usuario de blogger.com, pero aqui solo tengo el blog en ingles

tengo que poner mi blog en espaniol en algun lado en este blog...

WHAK'd said...

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