Thursday, November 03, 2005

MSN Messenger tabbed messaging (with Messenger plus)

if you use MSN Messenger and are not using Messenger Plus, you're missing a bunch, one of the features recently added is tabbed messaging, so you can have all your conversations in a single window just in different tabs, instead of having one conversation on each window

download the Messenger Plus from here:

and once you install it, in MSN Messenger main window go to the Plus! menu, Preferences, Instant Messages, Tabbed Chats, and check the "automatically group all my chats", or you can do it when you already have a conversation, on the Plus menu, Grouping options, group all chats (F9), the other nice thing, is when you are in tabbed mode, and you hit [ESCAPE] on your conversation, it closes that tab, and keeps all the other ones (just what I expected! =o) )

very nice work from the Messenger Plus team

if you are using Yahoo messenger, throw that away and try MSN Messenger with Messenger Plus!

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