Friday, September 23, 2005

Creating a complete login screen in ASP.NET 2.0

Visual Studio 2005 has a series of controls for common tasks, like login, user creation, etc,
for example the login control makes it very easy to create complete login pages with a "create user wizard" page, without writing a single line of code, you just drop a login control and you get the appropiate labels, a text box for the login name, another text box for the password, even labels that indicate that you entered the wrong password, and of course you can change the text in any of those, or change the style by using CSS.
The login control can connect to any datasource (SQL, XML, etc) where you store the users/passwords, everything that you do today to create a login page, is already built-in in a single control, you get all that in a single control that has properties like DestionationPageUrl, that you use to redirect the user when it has been authenticated

check the video that shows all this:

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